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Coke Weed - Back To Soft (2013)


Coke Weed - Back To Soft (2013)

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Track Listing:

  1. Sunseekers
  2. Back To Soft
  3. Anklet
  4. Desert Sleeper
  5. Poison
  6. Maryanne
  7. Blue Flag
  8. Buckets
  9. SOM
  10. Manchester

Release Date: July 23, 2013. Produced by Coke Weed.

The Mt. Desert Island recording sessions that form the core of Coke Weed's upcoming 3rd LP, 2013's Back To Soft, saw the psych rock quintet definitively moving past the vestiges of the folk rock sound that marked their earlier recordings, and toward a leaner electrified sound. It was a case of form following content as the band found their stride in the hypnotic grooves that would carry the lyrical themes of Back To Soft: Ten songs dealing with the dangerous allure of American Bohemia viewed through a haze of nostalgia for 1990s New York City.

It was an inevitable progression for the Bar Harbor, Maine based band. Renowned for their dual girl and boy lead singers, twinning electric guitars and mesmerizing rhythm section, Coke Weed's early fascination with hippies had more to do with the acid fall-out than the summer of love. Perhaps the casual listener couldn’t feel the menace lurking underneath the warmth of their amps and the breathless, enigmatic voice of Nina D. But Coke Weed has always aligned itself with the rebel streak that took root with the Stones, flowered on the West Coast with the Airplane, flirted with squares through the pop moves of Lee Hazlewood and Francoise Hardy, and eventually bottomed out in New York City with Royal Trux and the bummer spirit of ‘93.

The process of making Back To Soft was a direct reaction to the off-the-cuff feel of the previous album. Nine months in the making and every overdub lovingly labored over, Coke Weed’s new album Back To Soft is rock music that holds a mirror to 2013 and refracts its moment through a stoned remembrance of American undergrounds past.